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For just touch the computer's small white, perhaps to how to open Task Manager will also have some questions, not only how to open Task Manager will feel strange, in fact, the use of Task Manager will feel strange, so this time for you small white introduce about ghost Win7 How to open Task Manager and related knowledge.

Task Manager is a tool that displays the program that the system is running, a software that is brought by Windows, and it is convenient to control the programs that run inside windows, turn it on or off, or tentatively.

1, there are many ways to start, the most common is CTRL and ALT and DELETE key together can pop-up dialog box, and then you choose Task Manager on it.

2, in the taskbar single right button can also find about the Task Manager options, so that everyone can better use the Windows Task Manager.

Actually how to open the Task Manager is really simple, you novice also don't worry, even if the wrong closed some process, then may wish to reboot the system is good, these will not cause permanent harm to the system, but you still have to pay attention to the usual anti-virus, to prevent the system key parts are destroyed.

About Win7 Pure version 64-bit how to open the Task Manager The knowledge is so much.

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