Win7 How to turn on Administrator Administrator account in Home Edition

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Win7 How to open Administrator Administrator account in Home Edition date: 2014-11-17 18:30:06 Source: System box Views:2786 Many users install the WIN7 system The first step is to open the Administrator administrator account, with the Administrator account settings will be more convenient, but for the use of family Win7 system friends can not be the same as the Win7 flagship version in the "Local Users and Groups" management Open, The following system box Small series provides a way to open the Administrator account, interested friends do not do!

1. Click on the Start menu to run, enter the registry command regedit return;

2. Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon in the registration form;

3. Create a new subkey "Specialaccounts" under Winlogon, and then create a new subkey "UserList" under specialaccounts;

4. Select the UserList key and then create a new DWORD value on the right, named Administrator, with the value set to 1;

5, after the change of the registry restart the system, power on the F8 button, the Advanced Boot menu appears, select Safe Mode to enter;

6, enter into the Win7 Safe mode, click Start-Run, and then enter the CMD confirmation;

7. Execute the following command at the command prompt: NET user Administrator/active:yes enter, and so on;

8, then press win+l Switch User or the user, you will find a administrator account, after restarting we can login administrator user under the operation.

Conclusion: Win7 Home Edition in the function compared to Win7 Ultimate version will be less, basically meet the user ordinary use, if you want to get more powerful function please upgrade to WIN7 flagship recommendation (Win7 64-bit Ultimate Download

Win7 How to turn on Administrator Administrator account in Home Edition

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