Win7 install patch KB2670838 after IE browser blue screen how to do

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Failure phenomenon:

under the Win7 SP1 operating system, a blue screen problem with IE or IE kernel browser may occur after you use Windows Update to update or manually install Microsoft patch KB2670838.

The blue screen picture is as follows:

Reason Analysis:

preliminary judgment related to Microsoft patch KB2670838


for machines that do not have this problem, such as the system prompts you to update the Microsoft patch "KB2670838", please do not update to avoid this problem.

If the machine that has this problem already appears, you can refer to the following methods.

Scenario One: set up in BIOS to work only with integrated display cards.

Step: IdeaNotebook

1. Press F2 to enter BIOS at boot logo

2. Set "Configuration"-"Graphic Device" to "UMA Graphic"

My notebook:

Power-on press F1 into BIOS setup interface

Select "CONFIG"-"Display"-"Graphics Device"---set to "Integrated Graphics"

Select "CONFIG"-"Display"-"OS Detection for switchable Graphics"---set to "Disable"

Scenario Two: operating system manually set to display high-performance work or set display power mode work

Step 1: Right mouse button Select "Display Card Properties" as shown below:

Step 2: Click "Preferences" to select "Advanced View"

Step 3: Select the Power option. Select the Toggle display card mode

Step 4: Select the graphics processor manually or according to the power supply

Step 5: Click "Change" to switch

Step 6: Click on the "switchable display card" To manually choose to use the "high-performance GPU" to work alone, or use "power-saving GPU" Set display work, and click "Application"

option Three: uninstall the "kb2670838 patch" using the Attachment batch tool

Note: After uninstalling this patch, if you have any further prompts to install this patch, do not install it first.

How to use:

1. Click the download program

2. Unzip an attachment to the current folder

3. Right-click the program to run as an administrator

plan four: avoid using IE or IE kernel browser, you can use non IE kernel browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

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