Win7 Lenovo Notebook Screen dimming what's going on?

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1, first of all, please open the Windows Operating system Control Panel menu, whether you are using Win7 or WIN8 operating system, directly into the computer interface, click the following figure to select the location of the control Panel.

2, open the Control Panel, click the "Power Management" menu options, access to the notebook computer power management main interface.

3, into the Power management interface, click on the left side of the "Select the time to turn off the display" option to enter this option settings.

4, Next, in the pop-up interface click the "Change Power Advanced Settings" option, into the Advanced power settings options, in the WINDOWS8 system may be slightly changed operation.

5, in the next pop-up interface, our direct click on the right side of the "Lenovo Power Management" option, of course, if you installed Lenovo Power management software, but if you do not install the software will not achieve brightness changes with the light of this function.

6, in the next pop-up interface, we click "Start Lenovo Power management software", if your computer system Lenovo Power management software default in the system tray icon display, you can directly click into Lenovo Power management software.

7, Next, in the open Lenovo Power management software to click on the location shown in the following Settings button, open the settings. There may be some students in the computer system Lenovo power management software and the following image is not the same, but the principle is basically consistent.

8, open the Setup interface, click the "Intelligent Control" button, enter the intelligent control options to start adjusting the screen brightness settings.

9. In the next interface, we can see that there is an option to control the brightness of the screen based on the brightness of the light, then the default is turned on, so we will feel that the screen often darkened itself, of course, this is not all of the students have this function of the computer, see your computer support does not support this function, Need a computer screen with photosensitive elements.

10, finally, we will cancel this option, and then click the set interface at the bottom of the "OK" button, save the settings, and then we will not worry about the screen will automatically darken this problem, small partners if the problem, quickly try it.

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