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With the computer in our daily life and work, as a modern people we have completely inseparable from the computer. Ten years ago, if someone said you could spy on a computer, you might not believe it. In recent years, whether it is "pornographic", or a variety of forms of human search, and so on we realize that: how to protect our already fragile privacy is really a problem that can not be overlooked.

Today, when the computer with the Win7 operating system has become the mainstream, how to facilitate our lives and effectively protect our privacy is still a hot topic. Microsoft is also constantly working on finding a good balance between the two.

Take Win7 's resource manager, by default it will automatically store our search records to facilitate our next search, but not all of the time we want the computer so "smart" to store all our history, now let's see how to delete these records.

Right-click on the Start button and select the Open Windows Explorer option from the pop-up menu. As shown in the figure above, this is the "explorer" that we normally use. The "Search" box at the top right of the window is the protagonist of today, and we use it to do the usual search work. When we click the search box, we can easily see our previous search. If this search is similar to the previous one, it is clear that direct selection is a good plan, but today we are going to say how to delete these records.

We can put the mouse in the desired deletion of the Lenovo candidate to stay, then the system will highlight the item. Press the DELETE key on the keyboard so that you can delete the target word.

A friend wants to ask if there is a way to directly disable Win7 Explorer to record our search, the answer is yes, while pressing the WIN+R key, in the pop-up search box to enter "Gpedit.msc", and run, you can open the Local Group Policy Editor It is important to note that not all versions of Win7 have Group Policy management capabilities, and you can refer to the official Microsoft website.

In Group Policy gives users a lot of advanced setup options for Win7 security and resource configuration, and interested friends can learn more about it today and we'll see how to disable Win7 to save Our search records.

To the left of the window for each set of navigation bar, we can navigate through the navigation bar. First select "User Settings" in the Pop-up subkey select "Management Template", where we can see the "Windows Components" option, from which the right side of the Windows Explorer window to display the various settings on the resource Manager, in the list on the right now to find " Close the display of recent search items in the Windows Explorer search box, double-click the left mouse button to change the "Not Configured" value to "enabled". Finally click "Confirm" to exit.

Does the computer not automatically record the results of the Explorer search at this time?

In fact, Win7 also provides us with a lot of settings options, as long as we reasonable use, believe that our privacy can be effectively protected!

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