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Friends who have used the Win7 system, when you open the computer or resource Manager, you will find that the left side of the toolbar compared to the previous XP system does change a lot, we will find a "library" name, including "video", "Picture", "Document", "Music" and so on. But these folders are pointing to C disk, we generally save things, will not be thrown into the C disk, how to let other disk classification also at any time belong to this library? Is there any greater use of this library?

To modify the path of the library to point to

Take "video" as an example, we select "Video" in the Library folder, right-click, click "Properties" in the pop-up menu to pop up a dialog box. In this dialog, we see that there are two folders "My Videos" and "public videos" under "Library location".

Location Settings for libraries

In fact, here, we've seen the location of the "My Videos" folder pointing to, selecting and clicking "Include Folders" in the pop-up window, selecting the folder you often use to store the video, and clicking ' Include folder ', and then we see, in the Library Location window added a new point to the following figure, we select this folder, then click "Set save Location" and then OK. Let's try and click on the video below the library, what do you see?

Add a video address

Specify the comparison before and after the video address

Other "picture", "Document", "Music", and so on, can be set as above. We can call this a collation, if your file is saved on another disk, and the directory is very deep, it is very difficult to find every time, but add to the library, we can quickly find, in addition to this, in the upper left-hand column, there is also a favorite folder is also the default point to C disk, the same, our files may be saved in other disks, It can also be set in this way.

Take "Download" as an example, similarly, on the "Download" right click, Properties, Pop-up window select "Shortcut" in the target, enter the folder to store the download files, such as "E: Download" and then click OK. In this way, we don't have to open the folder layer to find the file we're storing. Is it convenient?

Modify the "Download" file address

Use Win7 "library" to manage temporary files

In addition to some fixed files, the Win7 library can easily manage temporary files. We know that open applications, browsed pages, and so on, in order to speed up access again, will be saved to the hard disk with some of the previously accessed cache, such as the page cache of IE browser. Such temporary documents, which are frequently visited, may be retained and harmonized and managed to improve efficiency. The following methods are how to use the WIN7 library to manage temporary files.

First, add the Win7 temporary file library. Right-click the pop-up menu on the library select New-Library to create a new library named temporary files.

New Library

Second, show hidden files. Click "Organize"-"folder and search Options", and in the View tab, uncheck the "Hide protected operating system Files" item, select the "Show hidden files, folders, and Drives" Item, and click the "OK" option. The purpose of this step is that many temporary files are hidden, such as browser traces.

Hide File Settings

Third, add temporary files to the library. Right-click the temporary folder you want to add, and in the pop-up right-click menu, select "Include in library/temp file" to add it to the library.

Add files to the library, very easy to manage, view or delete, can be very effective, very organized management of computer files, this is the Win7 system has a convenient function.

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