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Install the Win7 system, open My Computer, you will find that the left side of the toolbar and XP is very different, which has a group of libraries folder in the middle, which contains the "video" "Document" "Music" and so on. But these folders are pointing to C disk, we generally save things, will not be thrown into the C disk, then how to use the Library folder?

First, we use the mouse to right-click the "My Videos" folder, then click "Properties", in the pop-up Properties window, the library location shows the folder's point, we can click on "Include folder", in the pop-up window, select the folder you often use to store video, and then click ' Include folder ', and then we see that in the Library Location window, add a new point, such as "movie E: My Video", we select this folder, then click "Set save Location" and then OK. Let's try and click on the video below the library, what do you see?

Other such as ' picture ' documents, etc., can be set this way.

Also, the library has a favorites, there is a ' download ' folder, but its point is also C disk, we can right-click it, and then properties, in the target, we enter the folder we use to store the download files, such as "E: Download" and then click OK. In this way, we don't have to open the folder layer to find the file we're storing. Is it convenient?

There is a little experience to share with you, we like neat desktop, so, the desktop on the icon will be as little as possible, this caused, we want to start the program, we will go into the Start menu to find, if the installation of the program too much, it will be very troublesome. Here, there is a small way to recommend to everyone.

We open the Start menu and select a program icon in all programs. For example, the calculator in the attachment, right click-Attribute, and then position the cursor in the shortcut bar, press the F7 key on the keyboard, we see that the shortcut into the F7, we go back to the desktop, click the F7, is not the start of the calculator it? and , you can set up key combinations, such as ctrl+alt+j.

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