Win7 Local Connection IPV4 How to troubleshoot without access rights

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Win7 Local Area Connection IPV4 a workaround for no access rights.

The steps are as follows:

One, local connection IPv4 no network access rights:

1, first of all, do the following operations:

(1), click "Details", and then click the Details option in the local connection status. Windows7 Tutorial

(2), view "IPv4 address".

Second, the result analysis:

1, if the display: 169. x.x.x, the explanation is that there is a problem with the communication between the computer and the router, and the computer does not get the IP address information from the router.

2, the local connection in the IPV4 address is: 169 Start IP.


(1), check the connection between the computer and the router is correct, the correct way to connect is: The computer network cable to connect to the router's LAN port (1, 2, 3, 4) any one.

(2), if the connection is correct, please check the computer network interface, LAN port on the router is blinking?

(3), change a new network cable, reconnect the computer and the router.

3, if the results of the display is not 169, but 192.168.1.X, 192.168.0.X, 172.16.1.X, as shown in the following figure, indicating that the connection between the computer and the router is correct, most of the router is not successfully set up.

4, the local connection in the IPV4 address is: 192 beginning of IP

At this point, enter the router settings interface, in the "System State" (some routers called "Running state") option, view the "WAN status" information, this time most of the display is not connected, and "WAN status" under the parameters are all 0, as shown in the following figure.

Third, the router WAN port State is 0:


(1) Check that the router is connected correctly; The WAN port of the router can only connect the cat, the light cat or the household network cable, while the computer can only connect to the LAN (1, 2, 3, 4) port.

(2), reset the router to surf the internet, pay attention to the choice of Internet way on the router, the general router has: PPPoE dial-up (some is called: Broadband connection dialing), dynamic IP (automatic acquisition), fixed IP (static IP) these 3 kinds.

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