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One, the taskbar does not have "local Area Connection" and in the right key Network Neighborhood properties, there is "local Area connection."

This is the simplest local connection lost, in fact, with the fact that it is lost rather than inadvertently set it hidden, or the virus will be set to modify it.

Workaround: Right-click the Network Neighborhood-Properties-opens the Internet Connection window, right "local Connection"-"Properties"-you will see the following figure, the Gogo of the two, click "OK" on the OK.

Two, no matter where the word "local connection" is not visible.

This is a more complex situation, we are divided into several steps to troubleshoot, there may be a bad hardware contact, or driver error, or service is disabled, or system policy settings. We look at each of these solutions in detail.

1. Plug and unplug one card at a time

If it is a stand-alone network card, the loss of local connection is due to poor contact, such as the host is shaken or long time does not clean up caused by too much dust, resulting in poor hardware contact.

Solution: Shutdown, unplug the power plug behind the host (very important), open the host, remove the fixed screw on the network card, carefully unplug the NIC. Use the tool to clean the board dust (preferably with a hairdryer), especially the slot of the network card clean, the layout of the network card with dry cloth wipe clean (must be dry), and then use the rubber to rub the metal contact sheet. Plug the NIC into the original position, plug it in, and test the boot. If the local connection icon is found correctly, the enclosure is sealed.

If there is no local connection, try again, if not, it is probably the problem of network card, find a new one or buy a network card to test.

2. View the local connection device status in Device Manager

Right-click My Computer-Properties-hardware-Device Manager-look at at least one of the "network adapters" items in the list of devices, as shown below (in order, followed by):

If there is nothing here, it means that the system does not detect the network card, right key to the top of the small computer icon "Scan detect hardware changes," detection.

If there is still no hardware contact problem or network card problem.

Right key network adapter in the corresponding card select "Properties" you can see the following figure, here you can see the operation of the network card, including state, drive, interrupt, power control and so on.

If you find that the prompts are not normal, you can try uninstalling the driver and restarting the computer. or uninstall the driver, unplug the NIC, switch to a slot, restart the computer. Because the system will be able to detect hardware again, if it is not a hardware failure, the local connection here will generally be normal.

3, the service process caused by the loss of local connection

Some friends accidentally disable certain services and may cause local connections to be lost.

Solution: Right-click "My Computer"-"admin"-"services and Applications"-"services", find "Network Connections" double-click, the following figure appears:

Please note that the "Startup type" and "Service status" Here, the startup type of manual and automatic is not mandatory, if you feel uneasy can be changed to "automatic", the important thing is "service status", be sure to "started." If this is not possible, first change the "Disable" in "Startup Type" to "Automatic" or "manual," and the others are changed.

When we look at the dependencies button, we see Remote Procedure call (RPC). So, to see the status of the Remote Procedure call (RPC) service, make sure it's also "automatic" and "started." Hint: There is also a "Remote Procedure call (RPC) Locator" service not set.

We have to set up the service, so, pound, another important service is also set up properly. This is the so-called "Plug and Play" Detection service, of course, according to what we said above the normal operation of the Plug.

After the service process is set up, right "Network Neighborhood"-"attribute", see the Network Connected window, refresh several times, see if there is no effect, really not, restart once. This can be done if the local connection is lost due to a system service problem.

4, check whether to delete the existing connection

"Start"-"Run"-Enter gpedit.msc click "OK", expand User Configuration-"Windows settings"-"Internet Explorer Maintenance"-"connect", and in the child window to the right of the connection folder, double-click the connection Settings option. Look at the two pictures below.

Please do not check the "delete existing dial-up connection settings" in the figure.

5, the notebook computer local connection is not much is the system setup problem

As long as the system standby after the local connection is lost (the lower right corner of the Internet connection icon is missing), and the network cable is no problem, after the restart can be online.

Encountered this situation is most of the network card in order to save power and is cited, the following we look at the map solution.

Detailed steps diagram: Right button "My Computer", select "Properties", click "Hardware", select "Device Manager" to find the "network adapter" item, look at the following figure:

Locate the local Connection drive project (WiFi is a wireless network in the image above, 1394 is a high-speed transmission interface), Ethernet is the local connection of the English meaning, double-click it will appear in the following figure;

Please confirm that the status of the device is "Use this device (enabled)" and click "Power Management" to see the following image:

In the picture above the box prompts "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power", if you tick this option, you will often appear after the standby can not access the situation, if you do not want to be often not online less sleepy, remove the check can be.

Summary: In fact, this is also a lot of power-saving equipment options, if you have a device after the standby can not be used, you must restart the use of the situation, may wish to try this method.

6, other. If the above steps are not able to estimate the NIC interface or the motherboard's NIC chip problem, if you still want to try, the last glimmer of hope is to redo the system, try it. I can only say so much.

Another: This article describes a workaround for a normal computer that suddenly loses a local connection. If you are reinstalling the operating system after the loss of the local connection, please install the driver of the network card, in general, WinXP automatically fit most of the network card, but if it is a stand-alone network card, try to install the driver of the network card.

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