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Windows7 system default sound and microphone sounds are relatively small, you may often in the XP and Win7 system switch back and forth, you will find that the XP system voice and microphone sound than the Win7 system. But the Win7 system also provides a tuning option that allows us to easily adjust the sound and microphone volume. Today I'm going to go into detail about how to adjust the microphone volume to maximum.

First, switch to the tray area in the lower-right corner of the system. As shown in the figure. Click the right mouse button on the system sound icon and select the recording device in the pop-up menu.

In the recording device that is the Recording tab, the system's microphone is displayed, where the green portion of the right is the position where the volume is displayed, and if you shout at the microphone, the green bar on the right will get higher, and you can determine the volume size according to the height of the green square.

If you want to adjust the volume, click the right mouse button on the microphone icon, and then select the Properties option. Go to the Properties page of the microphone.

In the Microphone's property page, the default is under the Regular tab, which has a label named level, click the Level tab with the mouse to switch to the Level tab Settings page below. As shown in the figure.

Below the level label, provides two adjustment options, one is the basic microphone volume adjustment, the following one is the volume of the adjustment, the difference is, adjust the basic adjustment above, you can maximize the guarantee of the program quality, but even if the volume adjustment to the maximum is not big, and adjust the bottom of that, You can easily adjust the sound to a large, but at the same time there will be a murmur. So, the principle is that the above regulation is larger, the following only to increase the 10 db can be.

In fact, the microphone is not the largest sound, we can also start from the microphone driver software, the voice to adjust to the maximum. First, you need to install a sound card driver. This software is commonly used in computers, if not, you can download a driver class software to install. After installation, open the Control Panel and find the option shown in the Control Panel, which is the driver for the sound card. Click Open.

In the driver software interface, we switch the label settings to a bar in the microphone, where there is a volume setting option, the first slider, to adjust the slider to the right end, when the system microphone volume is adjusted to the maximum. Because the default microphone driver is not in the maximum sound state, we can set the maximum in the driver software to maximize the volume potential of the microphone.

Attention matters

Don't make the microphone too large, because it can damage the hardware while the sound is distorted.

In the adjustment of the volume enhancement, the greater the adjustment, the microphone is the greater the voice, but it sounds the most blurred, when the adjustment to the largest, although sounded very loud, but has been basically not heard is a person's original, the distortion is very large.

Some people's computer may not have sound driver software, you can according to your own sound card hardware to the latest driver software for the underground, you can use hardware testing software to detect their own sound card and microphone hardware models and brands.

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