Win7 no sound shows "not plugged in speakers or headphones" how to fix

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Do not know whether a user friend and I encountered such a situation, whether the computer is plugged in headphones or speakers, in front of the chassis and the headphone jack at the back of the test several times, Win8 pure version of the system still no sound.

Now let's take a look at the lower right corner of the desktop the volume icon displays an "X" symbol, moving the mouse over the volume icon and discovering that "no speakers or headphones are plugged in" appears on the system.

Initially opened the volume icon set a bit, or no sound, the last thought might be a driver problem, or even re-installed the audio driver, the result or not! What is the problem? Rain forest wind system shows "no speakers or headphones" What is the workaround?

Finally find the data found, in fact, as long as a simple one-step operation, you can solve the problem! Come and see it with me!

1, we first through the following operation to check the computer sound can not play the status of settings, right-click the desktop Volume icon, open the Voice dialog box, such as.

2. Under Windows7 Flagship, switch to the recording window and see if "not plugged in" is displayed at the microphone display and "not plugged in" at the line entry.

3. Then switch to the play window to see if the speaker Realtek High Definition audio shows that it is not plugged in.

4, if viewing in the above interface is "not inserted", the following method is to solve this problem. From the desktop Start menu, go to the Control Panel interface and click into "Realtek High Definition Audio manager".

5, in the Open interface, in the upper right corner of the window has a folder icon, click on it, this time will pop up a jack settings, check the "Disable front panel jack detection", select OK exit.

Well, when you're back on the desktop, check to see if the volume icon in the lower-right corner of your desktop doesn't show "No speakers or headphones," then you can hear from your computer by inserting headphones or speakers into your console.

Win7 no sound shows "not plugged in speakers or headphones" how to fix

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