Win7 Opening a PDF file prompts the number to go out of bounds?

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The work now, has begun to become more and more digital, which requires us to know more about the computer, the professional technology, because now a lot of work, especially to do the clerical work, we must learn to use Office software, of course, Office software has not only been limited to the previous Word, Excel file, For example, we have the latest PS, PW, PDF and other software, but also need to master. Today, the small series will take the Win7 flagship as an example, for you to introduce a PDF file operation skills. In the Win7 flagship, what do we do if the computer prompts the number to cross when the PDF file is opened?

In the first case: if you open a PDF file in the Win7 flagship to indicate that the number is out of bounds, you can carefully check your file, because there may be a problem with the file, you can try to let someone open the file, if it is true, you can try to reinstall the reader, there may be a software problem.

The second scenario: if the above method does not solve the problem, it is possible that the layout of the PDF file problems, such as the text, there are pictures, if the typographical problems, it will also lead to the number of lines out of bounds. The easiest way is to do the printing process, the PDF will automatically generate page borders, can effectively solve the problem.

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