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Very big computer small white for the Win7 system is not very understanding, today small series for you to introduce the Windows7 operating system to remove component methods.

Because Windows XP hides system files by default and does not see them in the Windows Explorer window, we want to make these system files appear as follows: Open the Explorer window, on the Tools menu, click Folder Options, The system pops up the Folder Options dialog box, clicks the View tab, selects the "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" check box, select the Show All files and folders Check button, and click OK.

After removing all the "hide," strings from the "Sysoc inf" file, and then going to the Windows Components Wizard dialog box, you'll see that there are some more components than you originally had. Now you can remove the unwanted components.

For Win7 Systems, many of the tools that are installed by default are rarely or never used, such as the system's own minesweeper, card games, and so on. Removing this type of long-term unused system component will not only make the system more refreshing, but also improve the speed of the system, especially for netbooks with relatively low hardware configurations. Next, I will tell you how to remove the Win7 system components that are not in use.

First double-click the programs and Features option in Control Panel, to open the window that corresponds to it, and then click the "Turn Windows features on or off" option on the right side of the diagram, and a window called Windows features pops up, and you can see that many of the check boxes on the right side of the system components are selected.

This means that the relevant system components are already installed in the current system. Then, according to your own needs, uncheck those system components (such as "XPS Service", "Media function", "Game", "Remote differential compression", and so on), and then click OK when you are done. button and follow the prompts to reboot the system.

Tip: For the Windows search checkbox, do not uncheck the check box, otherwise, you can not use the Win7 system with the search function to search the hard disk of the file resources.

With the above steps, the system components that have just been deselected are deleted successfully. Of course, if you later use a deleted system component, you can check the corresponding checkbox in the window and restart the system to complete the reinstall of the system components.

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