Win7 Panic resolution setting method for automatically generating error files

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1, open the Start menu, click on the "Computer" right button, view the properties, access to the System Settings page, click the "Advanced System Settings" button. The following figure:

2, in the system settings-Advanced, click the "Startup and Recovery" section of the "Settings button", the following figure

3, in the Startup and recovery settings, the "Write Debug Information" project selected as "Core memory dump", the dump file path to fill in the%systemroot%/minidump/memory. DMP. Other options do not need to be changed.

This line of statements means that a Memory.dmp file, including system information, is generated in the MiniDump folder under the System installation directory (typically the default is C:windows).

If click OK appears said cannot create, cannot find the directory or the Wooden Permission dialog box, fills in the%systemroot% in the operation, runs, opens the system installation directory, establishes a folder named MiniDump. When finalized, you will be asked to reboot your computer. OK, reboot.

4, restart, new txt notepad file, according to the type of keyboard interface to the red text provided below copy to Notepad, save as a. reg registry, double-click, import registry. Restart the computer again.

Keyboard for USB interface:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Crashonctrlscroll" =dword:00000001

Keyboard for PS/2 interface:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Crashonctrlscroll" =dword:00000001

5, if you encounter the entire card die, hold down the right CTRL key, and then press the SCROLL LOCK button, then if the previous setting succeeds, your keyboard is not defective, the system will immediately blue screen, as a percentage of the form to start recording memory, Dump the memory into the Memory.dmp file you just set up.

6, normal Restart the computer, into just set the minidump directory, find just generated dmp file. Usually this file will be larger, 400m or so.

This way you can generate win7 System card dead error file, then the error file can be used as an analysis of the WINDOWS7 system card dead important reference, in order to find a more reliable solution.

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