Win7 play games can not full screen problem solving strategy

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About Windows7 under the game can not full-screen problem, estimated too many too many friends met, today Windows7 home deliberately tidy up, convenient for everyone to encounter such problems when finding a counterpart solution.

First, the Windows7 game Full-screen Problem General solution (recommended):

The win key +r, opens the Run window, enters regedit carriage return, opens the Registry Editor, and then navigates to the following location:


In configuration This right button, select Find, input scaling, found in the right box scaling, right button scaling modify, the value to 3 can be (the original value is 4), this method basically kill all Windows7 under the game's full screen problem.

For example, some users have found:

Hkey_local_machinesystemcontrolset001controlgraphicsdriversconfiguration bnq7820g5904027026_14_07d9_0d^ 982be6b19d3412e0fed7cfc9082cba3900scaling

To change the scaling value here to 3, in this case, bnq7820g5904027026_14_07d9_0d^982be6b19d3412e0fed7cfc9082cba39

Note that this value is changed by the display device, which is based on the key value of your search!!

Second, nvidia graphics card (n card users)

There are solutions to the problem of N card under Windows7 game full screen, the specific steps are as follows:

1, select "Nvidia Control Panel"

2, on the left select "Display"--"Change flat panel Display Zoom"

3. Select "Use NVIDIA Zoom feature"

This set good then go to play the game to try, basically can solve the game full screen problem.

Third, AMD ATI graphics card (a card users)

A large number of a card users also encounter the game Full-screen problem, in addition to 1024x768 resolution, using any resolution into the game Full-screen mode, screen picture on both sides of the black side, the solution is as follows:

Computer knowledge

First make sure you're using the latest graphics driver, into the video card Setup Center, select the "Configuration" option, and then click the "Properties" button, "Zoom Options" to "maintain aspect ratio" to "Full Screen", click the "OK" button, again into the screen resolution settings interface, the resolution set to your normal resolution of the screen (e.g., 1366x768 or 1440*900, etc.). Summary: The first method is recommended, and more users to upgrade the latest Windows7 official driver, the problem is also directly resolved, the above several solutions for reference only.

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