Win7 prompts "Monitor driver has stopped responding and has been restored"

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"Monitor driver has stopped responding, and has been restored", this fault, I believe that most of the Win7 friends have encountered, let us take a step by step to solve this problem:

Tools/Raw Materials Windows 7 system PC

Steps/Method Failure causes: win7 When the display effect of "glass effect" and "Enable desktop combination", the graphics card work in the 2D, 3D frequency switching state, the desktop uses 2D display frequency, and "glass effect" and other effects will use 3D display frequency divider effect, if the video card is not very good ( Especially integrated and low-end graphics), when users frequently switch the display effect, these operations are using the graphics card 2D, 3D hardware acceleration function, in 2D and 3D effect switching, Win7 finally can't bear the impact of frequent 2D and 3D effect switch, resulting in black screen, flower screen, and then "monitor driver stop responding "Up. Solution: First, click "Start", locate "Computer" and click the right button to find "Properties" open:

Locate advanced system settings and open:

After you open advanced system settings, locate the tab advanced and open:

On the Advanced tab, locate the "Performance" option "Settings":

Go to Settings and find the "glass effect" and "Enable desktop Combination" for "visual effects" to cancel the two display effects:

Select the completion point "OK", the monitor will be black screen one will switch the display effect. Here's a note: When you turn off the "Enable desktop Combo" display, "Enable Aero Peek" is automatically turned off, because the premise of "Enable Aero Peek" is to enable the "Enable desktop combination" First, you see the following figure:

When you turn off the "Enable desktop combination", "Enable Aero Peek" disappears and re-enable "Enable desktop combination" to retrieve the "Enable Aero peek" effect.

We can first turn off the "glass effect" look, if the problem is resolved, do not turn off the "Enable desktop combination." After all, turning off the "Enable desktop combination" is not going to work with "Aero Peek".

After the above settings, the display effect will automatically take effect, if you do not trust, you can choose to restart the computer. Finally, please ensure that the correct installation of the video card driver, and the normal use of the graphics card.

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