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The Microsoft WIN7 system has high performance and rich functionality, but some friends use it for a period of time before they feel the system starts and runs faster than before. In fact, there are many reasons for the slow startup of the system, such as the continuous installation of new software in the computer will add a lot of startup projects; For some hardware configurations that are not very high, the Win7 system's cool visual effects and rich components may increase the operational burden. Below we introduce some related Win7 system setup technique, hope to be able to help the computer configuration not high friend to improve Win7 system startup and running efficiency.

Clear Redundant system boot entries

The Win7 system has a very useful command msconfig, which opens system configuration, which allows you to set up startup and add-in settings for your system. Reasonable configuration can greatly improve the system's start-up speed and operating efficiency, but also more secure and reliable.

We press the keyboard key combination "Win+r" to open the Win7 Run window, fill in "Msconfig", enter or press the "OK" button, you can open the WIN7 System Configuration dialog box.

Here are a few tabs, the options, the boot, the service, the startup, the tools, and we mainly look at the "Startup" tab. This list may be in the Win7 system to load the project at the same time, some are related to the software Update Services, we can carefully identify some unnecessary items to cancel the check, improve the system start efficiency.

Turn off unnecessary Win7 system components

The Win7 system features a wide range of tools and system components, such as Windows Media Player, minesweeper, and other built-in games. But for some friends, there may be some Win7 system components and tools are rarely used, if you can remove these long-term use of Win7 system with tools and system components, you can make some system space, may also improve the system running speed, let Win7 run faster.

Turn on the WIN7 system control Panel-programs, and under Programs and features, click the "Turn on or off Windows features" option.

In the Windows features window we can see a lot of Win7 system components, and the previously ticked items are the system components that are already installed in the current system. The number of components displayed in different versions of Win7 is also different, such as the Win7 Home normal edition, where there are no table PCs, Windows Media Center, Windows DVD Maker, and so on.

In this interface we can easily select the tools or components that need to uninstall or remove Win7: Cancel the check in front of these components, then click the "OK" button to save the settings and reboot the system to complete the uninstall. If you later need to enable a Win7 tool or component again, use the same method to open the Windows Features window again, check, confirm, restart the Win7.

Reduce the special visual effect of Win7 system

The Win7 system provides a cool interface to provide users with distinctive visual effects, such as the lightweight, transparent window appearance of aero visual effects, flexible window operations such as Aero Shake, Aero Snap, Aero Peek, and subtle shadow effects, Fade in the changing effects and so on. These visual effects are wonderful and beautiful, but they can be a bit of a struggle for lower-profile users. Win7 system is considered very thoughtful, in the system provides a variety of flexible settings, to help everyone in accordance with their own choice.

Press "win+e" shortcut key, open Win7 Explorer, the right mouse click "Computer", from the Right button menu select "Properties", in the System Properties window click "Advanced system settings."

In the WIN7 System Properties setting interface, we select the Advanced tab, and then click the "Settings" button in the "Performance" section.

In the Win7 performance Options setting, we can see the "Visual effects" setting, which lists many of the interface visual effects provided by the Win7 system, we can simply choose "Adjust for Best Performance", Cancel out all visual effects, or choose "Customize" to check and remove visual effects according to their own needs.

If you only want to remove translucent window effects from the Win7 system, the method is simple, open the Win7 Control Panel, enter "Transparent" in the search box, and select "Enable or disable transparent glass effects on Windows" in the search results.

You can then uncheck the start transparency effect in the Settings window for window colors and skins in Win7.

If you need to further turn off Win7 's gorgeous animation, you can go to Control panel-easy access-easy access Center-make your computer easier to see, where we can check "turn off all unnecessary animations (if possible)"

Above we introduce the use of the Win7 system with the set of features based on user and computer configuration needs for the system to lighten some of the methods and techniques.

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