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Save Win7 Resources with advanced settings

We say most of our friends now use the Win7 operating system, but the system because of the beautiful interface and occupy more system resources, so our computer generally only 2G of RAM above the smooth operation of the Win7 interface effect, but I believe there will be many users in the home computer is older, memory only 1 G, But to install the XP system is reluctant, so we now need to improve the performance of the system under the Win7 system. (a word, the fish and bear cake can not have both.) )

First step

The first step: Right-click the computer icon on the desktop, select Properties, advanced system settings, and go to the Advanced System Setup Panel.

Second Step

Step two: After entering the Setup Panel, we select "Advanced" and "set" in the "performance" option. Come to the Setup Panel.

Third Step

Step three: Check your customizations, and then cancel all effects. Click OK.

Effective results

Through the above three steps we can put the Win7-hyun interface cancellation, looks like the Windows98 interface, so that the fish and bear bear can not have both, the old computer want to Win7 system has a smooth speed, you can only discard the beautiful interface.

Simple setting to increase the fluency of computer operation

Now that we are all using the computer, then all hope that the machine runs very smooth, some users in order to experience the smooth effect of the computer to add accessories, in fact, we can only through simple settings to improve the fluency of the computer, followed by the author to take a look at it.

First step

Step one: Press "Win key +r" to pull up the command Run window.

Second Step

Step two: Enter "regedit" to open the registry.

Third Step

Step three: Find Hoke_current_user-control_panel-mouse-mousehovertime, double-click it, set the value to 100. This will display the thumbnail content as soon as the mouse moves to the taskbar. Increase the fluency of computer operation.

With these three-step settings we can simply optimize the operating system, improve the effect is good, if the user wants to get faster fluency, we can upgrade the computer (the rich do things).

How to improve the software startup speed

We start some software will feel too long to start, even the condition of the panic, although this problem with the computer itself configuration, but we can also use simple settings to improve the speed of the software, please follow the author together to see how to set it.

First step

First step: First we click on the lower left corner of the screen "start", and then select "Control Panel."

Second Step

Step two: In the "Control Panel" we found the "User account and Home Security" option, click to enter.

Third Step

Step three: After entering, we select "User account" and click "Change user Account Control Settings".

Fourth Step

Step Fourth: Set the appropriate notification information about the computer changes, choose never to notify. In fact, change notice is not useful, because your computer is equipped with security software, the computer changes, the security software will notify you, there is no need to let the system worry about themselves. Waste of computer resources.

Through the above four steps we can simply set the software start speed, the effect is good, but users want to fully improve the speed, it is best to install the useless software C disk, or add accessories for the computer.

Simple setting to raise the speed of micro-blog broadcast

With the advent of micro-blogging, now more and more office people are beginning to join the micro-blog army, synchronized look at the live broadcast, by the way to send their own comments became the current more popular things, but when we are looking hard, the video suddenly jammed, this phenomenon we can do besides crazy? In fact, we now use the WIN7 system can easily solve this problem.

First step

Step one: Open Win7 's own "IE8 browser."

Second Step

Step Two: Click on the "Tools" menu and choose "Manage Add-ins". The runtime of the plug-in is displayed in the load-on right hand list. This will tell you which browser plug-ins are running the slowest.

Third Step

The third step: Check our plug-in operation, the use of Plug-ins to "disable". When the settings for IE8 are complete, the disabled toolbar will no longer appear after the browser is restarted and the setting takes effect. Whenever you feel a slow response from your browser, you can open the Manage Add-ins dialog box again to troubleshoot.

Through the above three steps, we can rest assured that the live broadcast, do not worry about your browser is the main card.

How to use screen saver to do system desktop

How to make Windows7 's desktop more gorgeous is a lot of people pursuit of the goal, in the Win7 to open a dream desktop, you can screen protection into a desktop, the effect of a dream desktop Oh.

First step

The first step: first in the taskbar Start menu input "CMD" into the command line, enter "CD c:windowssystem32."

Step Two: Enter the System32 folder and enter

Second Step

"Ribbons.scr space +/p65552" can appear ribbon screen saver, then click the "Win" button, pull out the taskbar can be.

Actual effect

Tip: Note that this is the right to click No response, all operations can only rely on the taskbar to operate, to cancel, right click on the Taskbar Screen Saver window select Close. In addition, the built-in screen saver files have the conversion line MYSTIFY.SCR, three-dimensional text sstext3d.scr, bubble bubbles.scr, etc., users can set up their own.

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