Win7 system appears 0x000000c5 blue screen how to solve?

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Win7 system appears 0x000000c5 blue screen how to solve?

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"Explanation of Reason"

DNF and other game programs will take advantage of Intel Virtualization technology, if the Intel Virtualization option is not enabled to encounter the Lightning shutdown function, the game does not normally exit by other programs forced shutdown will cause the C5 blue screen. At present, three platform software are integrated lightning shutdown function, most of the billing software also has. So the best way to do this is to turn this option on in the BIOS.


Turn on Intel Virtualization technology

"Problem Analysis"

The motherboard has been tested on all three platforms, and there will be a blue screen problem.

The above is Win7 appears 0x000000c5 blue screen solution, hope can help everybody.

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