Win7 system BIOS How to upgrade (text)

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Win7 system BIOS How to upgrade (text)

The method is as follows:

1. First of all, the motherboard is a BIOS data file with upgradeable. Open the chassis, view the motherboard model number, and then search the tube web for an upgrade to the motherboard BIOS. In this small series to specifically remind you want to upgrade the BIOS friend, be sure to download the motherboard BIOS model matches the BIOS data files;

2, the download of the BIOS upgrade program and data files for decompression, then copy to C disk, in order to better manage the file, in the C-packing directory to create a new folder, and named "Upatebios", and then the BIOS upgrade program and data files copied to the directory, and more busy;

3, restart the computer, in the presence of the screen when the keyboard (for Aword, generally "F12" key) corresponding key into the CMOS settings, into the "BIOS Features Setup", "Virus Warning" (Virus warning) set to "Disabled";

4, after the completion of the setup, press F10 to save and exit CMOS and restart, in the computer startup process, constantly press F8 to enter the system boot menu, and then select "Access to command Prompt" state;

5, at the command prompt, type as shown in the command to switch the current directory to "C:updatebios";

6, at the current command prompt type command: Updatebios, and press ENTER, you can enter the BIOS update program, the monitor appears as follows picture;

7, according to the screen prompts, enter the upgrade filename: Bios.bin, and press ENTER to determine;

8, refresh the program prompts whether to back up the motherboard BIOS files, in order to be safe, be sure to back up the current system BIOS content to the machine and remember its file name, In this case, the BIOS backup file is named Back.bin so that when an error occurs during the update of the BIOS, the original BIOS data can be written back again;

9. In the file name to save box, enter the file name you want to save: Back.bin. When you press ENTER, the refresh program begins to read the BIOS contents of the motherboard and saves it as a file;

10, after the completion of the backup work, refresh the program appears as follows, ask if you want to upgrade the BIOS;

11, select "Y", refresh the program began to officially refresh the BIOS, in the process of refreshing the BIOS, do not turn off the computer, otherwise the PC may be an unexpected error;

12, when the progress bar reached 100%, the refresh process is complete, the Refresh program prompts you to knock "F1" restart or knock "F10" quit the Refresh program. Generally choose to reboot, press F10 key to enter the BIOS settings, into the "BIOS Features Setup", the "Virus Warning" (Virus warning) set to "Enable." Finally reboot the computer again, and then complete the BIOS upgrade work.

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