Win7 System blue screen and prompts error code 0x000000ed how to fix

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blue Screen Code 0x000000ed sharing the reason and solution to the next, take a look at it.

Reason Analysis:

If the prompt is: 0x000000ed error. This indicates that the computer's hard drive has caused the failure. In general, it may be a sudden power outage, or the host has a collision, hard disk data cable loose, etc., will cause hard disk failure.

Workaround: It is best to repair the hard disk to prevent the next occurrence of such problems or loss of files

The specific repair methods are as follows:

Step one: Enter the BIOS setup settings and invoke the BIOS default settings.

Note: The General desktop computer Boot press del, notebook boot press F2 into the BIOS setup setup. Then, select the load BIOS DEFAULTS, and then press the Y key to agree, restart the computer on the line.

Step two: At the command prompt, chkdsk/f the/r command to check for fix file errors.

Of course, if you can login to the system, directly in the DOS environment, enter the chkdsk/f/r command, and then the system will prompt you to check this volume the next time you start, enter Y, so that the next time you restart the computer, the operating system will automatically repair the hard drive.

Note: There are many reasons for the blue screen, it may be memory, motherboard, hard disk and so on. If it appears: stop:0x000000ed, do not care, because it may cause your computer data loss, heavy losses.

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