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1 minutes, two minutes is still busy your computer boot slow? Do not keep the computer on slow down due to the computer hardware is not good, in fact, cause a slow boot is a large part of the reason for the software, today's small system to bring this article is to help us solve the problem of computer boot slow.

Windows7 System Boot Acceleration Method:

1. Disable unwanted Startup items

This step is exactly the same as under XP, it is recommended to use Third-party software to clean up the startup items, because some software will hide itself, in the system's own configuration tool can not see it started. Not Windows 7 does not give force, is now the software is too rogue, even a storm audio and video to boot, the player has to boot up the necessary? Also, here's what I want to say, my own notebook has 22 startup items, but the start time detected with a stopwatch is only 29 seconds, Does it indicate how much of the startup item does not affect the startup speed of Windows 7 when the hardware reaches a certain level?

2, remove the extra fonts

Many fonts are installed by default in Windows 7. When the system is on, it will automatically scan all the fonts in the folder under the current system folder, so the fewer fonts, the smaller the volume of the font, the faster the system loads, so removing unwanted fonts can also speed up the startup speed of Windows 7. How do I delete a font file? Enter the Control Panel font options to view the current system fonts, the right button can be deleted fonts, for most computers, the retention of the elegant black, song body is enough.

3. Turn off Aero effects

Turning off theme effects is also a way to speed up startup in Windows 7, the Aero glass effect is beautiful, but it also brings in more memory and more loading time, and if your computer is good enough to turn off the special effects and turn off the AERO effects for a few seconds of boot speed, It might as well be XP; if it's too slow after the effect, then it's a good idea to close it. First click Personalization in the desktop space, select the theme for Windows Classic, and then right click on the "Computer" select Properties, the "Advanced System Settings" page of the "Performance" option, the "visual effects" set to "best Performance" can be.

4, turn off the useless system services

The way to turn off Windows 7 services to increase startup speed has been controversial, except for non-essential services, where the main controversy focuses on whether the Windows Search and Superfetch services should be closed. Windows Search is the system Indexing Service that can bring fast searching after it is turned on, but it can take up a lot of resources during indexing and may lead to slower startup speeds.

and "Superfetch" is a new technology from Vista, Superfetch Memory management mechanism will use the user's possible application page in memory free space for preload, as far as possible to avoid the system from the hard disk calls, so that the fastest speed to open the application; Does not cause sudden use to become sluggish because the computer is idle for long periods of time; After exiting a large application, it proactively shifts the pages previously forced into virtual memory back into memory.

After installing Windows 7, you will find that the memory footprint is quite large, which is the main effect is to speed up the software startup, due to the large amount of memory space may also cause a slow boot speed. The two services are directly closed in many optimization techniques, and it is not fun to experience Win7 new features while shutting down, so it is recommended to keep it open as long as the hardware is adequate.

As for how to turn off other useless system services, we can use the service optimization features provided by the Windows 7 Master optimizer, guided operation, very easy to use

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