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one, c disk cleaning

1, turn on my computer--right-click C Disk-Properties-Disk Cleanup.

2, pending the completion of the Disk Cleanup, check all the cleaning content, click "OK".

Second, to see if the desktop has large files

Some friends for convenience, like to put files on the desktop, and the desktop files are generally stored by default in the C disk.

Therefore, the small part of the proposal, if the file is too large, store it in addition to the C disk, you can avoid the C disk is getting smaller.

Third, the time to clean up the recycling station

We will remove the unwanted files of C disk, generally will be put to the Recycle Bin, and the file in the Recycle Bin will occupy the C disk space, so we also have to empty the Recycle Bin regularly.

Four, clean browser cache files

1, we are in the process of surfing the internet, will produce a lot of cached files, and these cached files will be stored in the default C disk, we can also set the browser to clean up the C disk.

When you open the browser, select the tool--internet option--delete.

2, according to their own needs to check the selection of objects to be deleted, select "Delete".

3, can also check the exit history to delete the record, click "OK", so that the browser's cache will be reduced.

V. Change the download installation path

Some friends of the download file, not set the download path, and the general computer download path for C disk, so we want to change the download path, so that the downloaded file in another disk.

In addition, when the download is complete, some files to install will be installed on the other disk.

Six, anti-virus software cleaning

Finally use antivirus time to clean up the system garbage, basically C disk will not be so full, the system running speed will also be improved.

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