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Since Microsoft has not yet started to push IE10 to Windows 7 users to upgrade patches, want to immediately experience IE10 users can only manually download the IE10 installation package to upgrade, but some users after downloading but not normal installation, unable to install the reasons for the success of a number of factors, This article will provide solutions to several common types of problems.

Error 1: Operating system not supported

The user who encountered the prompt at the time of the update, this may be your system has not been upgraded to SP1. Please check your system version for installation SP1 by right-clicking the computer select Properties and viewing the Windows version and system type (32-bit or 64-bit).

If SP1 is not installed, please download SP1 to install it first. 32 bits Please download windows6.1-kb976932-x86.exe,64 bit please download Windows6.1-kb976932-x64.exe

Error 2:internet Explorer needs to be updated before installation

Windows7 Tutorial

In this case, is the update upgrade IE10 need patches are not installed, we can install KB2729094, KB2731771, KB2533623, KB2670838, KB2786081 These patches, after the restart of the computer reinstall IE10.

This 5 patch has been packaged, 32 bits please download ie10_x86.rar,64 bit please download Ie10_x64.rar

Note: After downloading the patch, you can run it in turn, and you will be prompted to install it if you have already installed it.

Error 3: The updated Internet Explorer version is installed on the computer

"IE failed to complete the installation" error prompted during installation, this may be because we have previously performed IE10 setup, but failed during the installation process, the prompt will pop up when you run the IE10 Setup program again. We can uninstall the current version of IE, uninstall and restart the computer after attempting to run the installation IE10.

Uninstall method See: How to Uninstall IE10 in Windows 7 and restore to IE9

Error 4: Incorrect Internet Explorer installer version

When you install the appropriate language version of the system, the IE10 language version that prompts you to download does not support the current Windows language version because the downloaded IE10 language version does not match the language version of the system. This situation is more than the current foreign acquisition of the computer, because the initial installation of the system may be in English or other language version, later download and install the Chinese language pack, so download IE10 users, be sure to first confirm your Windows 7 language version.

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