Win7 system can't play MKV format movie What's Going On

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Win7 System can't play MKV format movie What 's going on

1, some players can not play this type of file. At this time we can directly download Gillette audio or video or thunder to see, you can play directly;

2, if we need to clip the video, you can choose to use the sound will shadow or love clips, the following directly say love clips how to operate. By adding a media file, set the start time and end time, you can clip the clips we want;

3, if we want to transform the overall format, you can choose to use a format factory, almost all formats can be converted;

4, in the format of the factory conversion format, first click what format you want to generate;

5, click to add files, select a good output configuration, the final click to determine;

6, the last step, do not forget to click the Start button, when the click began, the file will begin to convert, this process is generally a bit long, mainly according to the size of your video original file. Less than more than 10 minutes, more than a few hours, be sure to have patience. In addition, the output quality if the choice is relatively low, the final result is more ambiguous.

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