Win7 System computer Boot Error resolution method

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win7 System computer Boot Error resolution method

Win7 Boot error tip one: "HDD controller Failue" Hard drive controller failure

Failure analysis: This kind of boot error is often due to hard disk and hard drive controller signal communication circuit is not good.

Troubleshooting: Turn off the power and check to see if the hard drive power is resolved.

Win7 Boot error tip two: "Bad or missing command interpreter"

Failure Analysis: This boot error often occurs because the file in the system disk is corrupted or deleted.

Troubleshooting method: Use the boot disk to start, and then repair the file, if the virus caused by the file damage, you should do antivirus operation.

Win7 Boot error prompt three: "Diskette boot Failue" floppy boot failed.

Failure Analysis: This boot error is often caused by system disk damage.

Troubleshooting method: Replace the normal boot disk.

Win7 boot wrong hint four: "Disk boot Failure", and then try to start with a floppy disk, the "Invalid Driver specification" hint.

Failure analysis: This kind of boot error is often caused by incorrect operation, illegal program or virus.

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