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One, there are two kinds of favoritevideo, one is a folder, a LFV format file.

1, is a kind of software created a folder, My computer also appeared, should be a video software, pplive network Accelerator will automatically create a folder named Favoritevideo. This is not a virus. Every time you delete it, if you have that process in the boot process will be automatically created each time, do not know the person will mistakenly think it deleted, in fact deleted, but you have to change the boot process so that later will not have. In fact, no effect, delete not delete all can.

2, if not a folder that is an FLV format file, nor virus, as the above situation, but also a software-created log class files, is safe.

I have been in both cases, after rejecting the security process.

The Favoritevideo folder does not have any effect on the system, if the configuration is reasonable, completely ignore him, the interval of time to clean up.

If you want to fully understand the Favoritevideo folder, the method is also very simple, first turn off all video sites, and then delete the Favoritevideo folder

The third part is to right-click the screen in the lower right corner of the PPLive Accelerator icon to find the download in the option settings. The final step is to hook up the download of the launch Web-aware download. After the hook off the download function is lost, the Favoritevideo folder will not be automatically generated.

This is the cached folder when PPTV watch the show. When you watch a program online on the PPTV software and website, the program is cached locally, which is the guarantee of a smooth video playback. Because each video file is large, the video program is cached in several segments.

A program that has already been cached will be fluent when viewed again, and will take less time to download the program with the download feature.

The files in the Favoritevideo will not accumulate indefinitely and will be automatically cleaned up periodically. You can change the location and size of the directory by modifying cache settings in the advanced settings of the PPTV setting.

Second, the solution:

1, if you want to completely delete the word can only uninstall the PP accelerator;

2, do not want to delete it and just want to move his position, then you can open the PP accelerator settings to modify the default location of the cache.

Three, the specific steps are very simple as follows:

1, open, any open a video right-click the player settings, very simple. Experience Summary: PPLIVE, such as video accelerator software generated, used to put video files, you can delete.

2, first turn off all video sites and then delete the Favoritevideo folder.

3. Right-click the PPLive Accelerator icon in the lower right corner of the screen to find the download in the option settings.

4, download the launch of the web-aware download hook off on it. After the hook off the download function is lost, the Favoritevideo folder will not be automatically generated.

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