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We know that the Win7 computer in the "Sleep" state will be cut off other than the memory of the power supply, working state of the data will be stored in memory, so that when the computer can be restarted to quickly restore the working state before sleep. Suitable for a short time to leave the computer.

The Hibernate state saves open documents and programs to a file on your hard disk (which can be understood as a mirrored memory state) and reads data from this file and loads it into physical memory when you wake up, much faster than restarting your boot. Suitable for a long time to leave the computer selection.

These two states, although energy saving, but there is no way to ensure normal network downloads. Want to ensure long-term energy-saving downloads, we can use the "Leave mode", this state is similar to sleep, but can continue to read and write operations at the same time, while maintaining network connectivity, other graphics cards, sound cards and other unnecessary equipment in the shutdown state, truly efficient and energy-saving.

Using Win7 "Leave mode" for long time energy-saving downloads, hardware devices are required to support advanced power management, and some related system settings need to be done.

Set never close hard drive

First of all, we need to Win7 power management in the turn off the hard drive and go to sleep options are set to "never", otherwise hard drive shutdown is no way to download. In turn, we go to the Win7 system's control panel-hardware and sound-power Options-Edit schedule settings, and click "Change advanced Power settings."

Icon: Click "Change Advanced Power Settings"

In the Advanced settings interface, we set "turn off hard disk after this time" to "never" under the "Hard disk" option.

Icon: Set never turn off hard drive

Next we need to make some minor changes to the Win7 registry, and the operation is simple.

Registry Simple Settings

Enter "regedit" in the search box at the Start menu in the lower-left corner of the Win7 desktop, and then enter to open Registry Editor.

Locate the item "Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolsessionmanagerpower" in the Win7 registry, and then click the right mouse button in the blank space in the right window to create a new DWORD32 bit "value", named "Awaymodeenabled", double-click Open, set its key value to number "1", click OK to return, close Registry Editor.

Diagram: Win7 registry settings

Icon: New key awaymodeenabled, with a key value of 1

After the modification, click OK to close the registry, return to Win7 desktop, according to Win7 prompts need to restart the computer after the effective.

After the setup is complete, we can try to open the download software, find a file volume of large file download, while allowing the Win7 system into hibernation, now the Win7 system can also be in hibernation to ensure the continuous opening of network connections and continue to download data to the hard drive, the maximum green environmental protection and energy saving.

If you do not want to use this off state hook download mode, follow the steps above to return to the Registry Editor and find the newly created "awaymodeenabled" and delete it.

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