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1, the most common is the Internet Explorer caused by too much of the temporary garbage file in time to clean up. If your IE browser is difficult to open, you can right-click the IE icon and select "Run as Administrator":

2, the system will pop up the UAC dialog box, select "Yes" to continue:

3, at this time you open Baidu can be found, no longer with any account log in. At this point, if you are prompted to eject the add-in at the bottom of the browser, be sure to select "Do not enable":

4, at this time press the keyboard Ctrl+shift+delete key combination, pop-up "Delete Browsing History" dialog box, we check all the items, and then click the "Delete" button to continue:

5, wait for a while, the garbage file in the background is cleaned after the browser will pop-up prompts, close the browser can:

6, then reopen the browser, if there will be problems, then again open IE Browser as administrator. Press ALT to eject the menu bar, click the Tools menu, and then select Manage Add-ins. Or click the Tools button and select Manage Add-ins:

7. Carefully review all the listed add-ons and disable the add-in that may be causing the browsing problem:

8, it is recommended to disable all add-ons first, if you disable all add-ons after the browser is normal, you can determine that the add-in caused, and then one by one disable exclusion. Windows7 Tutorial

9, and if you disable the add-in, you need to completely reset ie. Open IE Explorer as an administrator, press ALT to eject the menu bar, click the Tools menu, and then select Internet Options. Or, click the Tools button and select Internet Options command:

10, switch to the Advanced tab of the Internet Options dialog box, and click the Restore Advanced Settings button:

11, and then click Reset ... button, select the Delete personalization item in the pop-up dialog box, and then click the Reset button to:

12, generally, through the above methods should be able to solve most of the browser problems, including the stop response, and so on, if the above methods are not resolved, it is recommended to check the system, or reload IE or replace the browser.

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