Win7 system play games often encounter automatic restart how to solve?

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Win7 system play games often encounter automatic restart how to solve?

Reason one, the temperature is too high

If the computer itself has problems with heat dissipation, then when we use for a long time, the Ghost win7 system will be prone to reboot failure, which is not conducive to the Win7 system normal operation and use, if the computer can not be independent of the cooling, the chassis location to place a small fan, This problem is better solved.

Reason two, power supply is not stable

When the power supply is unstable or a connection problem occurs, the Win7 system initiates the mode of self-protection mode, that is, automatic reboot, then win7 the user to ensure that the computer power connection is normal.

Reason three, the memory piece is unstable

If the memory is unstable or loose words are also easy to cause the computer automatically restart the fault, you can solve this method: first open the chassis, and then remove the memory, wipe the memory of the gold fingers, it is best to clean, and then reinstall back.

Reason four, hardware compatibility

When there is a problem with the compatibility of the hardware, it is also easy to cause the computer frequently restart failure, and this kind of failure in the resolution process, relative will be more trouble, need to replace incompatible computer hardware.

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