Win7 system power-on password how to set up

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Win7 system power-on password how to set up

⒈ First we find the "Control Panel" from the beginning of the lower left corner of the Win7 desktop and click on "Control Panel" to enter the interface, and the control Panel can also be found in the "Computer" interface, as shown below:

Enter WIN7 Control Panel

⒉ into the Control Panel, we first click on the "user account" in the following figure:

Enter user account

⒊) then click the "Create password for your account" below to change the user account below:

Create a password for your account

⒋) Next enter us to create the power-on password interface, we follow the prompts, input 2 times password (remember two times entered the password must be the same, and try to fill in their familiar password, or the back of the boot oneself do not know the password on the trouble).

Fill out the password, click from the bottom corner of the creation can be completed after the Win7 power-on password created, the following figure,

Win7 Set power-on password complete

Finally, if we want to see the effect, restart the computer can be seen, need to enter a password to enter the computer, today's Win7 How to set the password tutorial for everyone to introduce here, if there are questions you can comment in the following comments, we will reply to everyone.

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