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System Home Small series here to share with you about the Win7 system (win7 system download) to set up a multiple-screen mode, the so-called multiple screen mode is our computer can be set up to two monitors, so you can experience better music and video effects, more clearly see the picture. So win7 how to set up to two monitors, take a look at it.

Right-click the blank space of the desktop, select "screen resolution" and see the screen setup options;

Select "Copy these displays":

An identical Windows window can be seen on two monitors, suitable for teaching demonstrations, for displaying the same content for multiple people, and for commercial presentations such as venues and outdoors. The effect is shown in the following illustration:

Select "Extend these displays":

Extended mode, which means that a display content is extended to two monitors and displays continuous and different content, while we can also define the horizontal or vertical addition. This state, suitable for video clips, audio clips, graphic design, such as the need for more delicate effects of software and functions. The effect is shown in the following illustration:

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