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Open Services

Right-click My Computer or computer-manage----services and applications, open the service or open the run with win+r---Enter services.msc carriage return, open the service settings

Select the startup type for the following services as automatic and ensure that the service status is started



Computer Browser

DHCP Client

Remote Procedure Call

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator

DNS Client

Function Discovery Resource Publication

UPnP Device Host

SSDP Discovery

TIP/IP Netbioshelper//This is not turned on in the XP system, Win7 sharing needs to be opened

Add to same workgroup

---properties on the desktop---the computer (right key)

Open network share and File share location

Change shared settings

Add File share to firewall exception

Allow shared access

XP system to share printers and files is set to shared

Open Network Neighborhood Properties-Local Area Connection Properties-Installation-Protocol-"NWLink Ipx/spx/netblos Compatible Transport PROTOCL" double click

There is also a "Network Monitor Driver" to be installed. (Automatic installation does not install the disk)

Add protocol

XP sharing is generally set

1. Start-run-services.msc-find the "server" service, property Startup Type-"Automatic"-OK, then "Start" on the left point, OK.

2. Group Policy settings:

Start Menu Run-secpol.msc-security settings-Local policy

User Rights Assignment-"Deny access to this computer from the Network" property, delete "All user groups" inside.

Security options:

Network access: Do not allow anonymous enumeration of SAM accounts, properties to deactivate.

Network access: Do not allow anonymous enumeration of SAM accounts and shares, properties to deactivate.

Network access: A sharing and security model for local accounts, with properties changed to classic-local users authenticate as themselves.

3. User Admin---Start guest user

. Click on desktop My Computer right-admin-local Users and groups-users, put the guest user properties on the right "account has been deactivated with the front hook removed".

Restart XP computer

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