Win7 system use command to FAT32 to NTFS-formatted operation method

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In the computer use of disk format NTFS is now the mainstream, and the advantages of the FAT32 format is not in detail here. In fact, using NTFS partitions is a better way to manage your disks and improve the security of your system. So how do you use commands to turn the FAT32 format into an NTFS format in a Win7 system? The following script of the small set up for you to introduce the WIN7 system using the command to FAT32 to the NTFS format of the specific operation of the method bar!

The Win7 system uses the command to turn FAT32 to NTFS format as follows:

1, select the "Start → run" command, the pop-up dialog box in the "cmd" command after the Click [OK] (or point "start → program → attachment → command" prompt), open a command Prompt window.

2. After opening the window, enter the following command at the prompt of the cursor:

Convert F:/fs:ntfs

And then enter. Note that there is a space at the back of "convert"

Example: Convert F:/fs:ntfs converts the F disk to NTFS format

3, then, if the drive has a volume label, the system will require you to enter the disk's volume label, and then return; add: View volume Label: Right-click disk → properties → general.

If the drive does not have a volume label, it is converted directly.

4. After the conversion is complete, it will report to you the partition of the disk you have converted.

5, after the successful transformation of the partition interface. The file in the partition is intact.

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