Win7 system virtual Memory How to set the best?

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1, click "Start" on the desktop, then open "Control Panel".

2, in the Control Panel, open the "system" shortcut icon.

3, click "System Protection", select "Advanced"-"performance" under the "Settings" button.

4, in the Performance Options window, select the "Advanced"-"virtual memory" under the "Change" button.

5, here, the display is my original virtual memory settings, my physical memory is 1G, virtual memory set in C disk, it recommended me to set the virtual memory to 1536mb=1.5g, but I did not press its requirements set, I only set the 1024mb=1g.

Virtual memory settings should generally be 1.5 times times as good as physical memory,

If the physical memory is 2G, the virtual memory should be set to 3G=3072MB,

If the physical memory is 4G, the virtual memory should be set to 6G=6144MB,

My physical memory is 1G, that virtual memory should be set to 1.5G=1536MB,

Note: 1G=1024MB

6, start to modify my virtual memory:

Still set on C disk.

Select Custom Size.

Set the initial and maximum values to 1536mb=1.5g, (hint: the minimum and maximum values are best set to the same, which is more conducive to computer performance stability).

When set, press the "Set" button to take effect.

Finally press "OK".

7. When "OK" is pressed, the prompt box pops up "to make the changes effective, you must restart your computer" and the virtual memory settings are complete.

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