Win7 System wireless password modified after the solution to connect to the Internet

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Use the wireless network card to connect the net, often encounter the problem that the stranger name its wonderful network disconnect. In fact, there is no immediate solution, but we can use the rule of law to remedy the problem. If you are using the Win7 64-bit flagship system, then after you have just modified the wireless password, with another computer login, at this time the system defaults or the previous key, it will automatically connect the network and then has been unable to connect the network status, but we can not directly in the network connection to modify the network, how to do? Let's look at how to solve the following with small series.

First, in the Win7 64-bit pure version of the system desktop taskbar wireless icon, the right mouse button click, select the right menu of "properties."

Second, in the Win7 flagship open wireless network properties panel, switch to the Security tab page, you can see the network security key this column. Change the wrong password back to the new password you changed. Then reconnect the network.

When you are done with the above settings, you can then turn on the Ghost Win7 Wireless network connection and you will find that the network is connected properly.

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