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Peid (PE Identifier) is a well-known shell tool, its powerful, almost can detect all shells, its number has more than 470 kinds of PE document shell type and signature.

Small series also often use Peid to view the shell of the software or use Peid plug-ins to remove various shells, the original under XP with a good now replaced by Win 7 64-bit system after downloading a lot of version can not run. Prompt when opening

PEid.Exe has stopped work had to use detect it easy Peid all plug-ins are placed under the root directory of plugins folder below we just need to change the plugins directory name, such as jb51 can be normal operation.

Issue Signature:

Issue Event Name: BEX

Application Name: PEiD.exe

Application version:

Application Timestamp: 48fe056b

Fault Module Name: USER32.dll

Failure Module Version: 6.1.7601.19061

Failure module Timestamp: 56423973

Exception Offset: 0007a72f

Exception code: c0000409

Exception data: 00000000

OS version: 6.1.7601.

Regional Settings id:2052

Other information 1:2,712

Other information 2:271262f937dbfecaebb36362b3d22f2e

Other information 3:e8d7

Other information 4:e8d7b49625c312a5e939fea9ec7bd282

Read the privacy statement online:

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If a friend can be below the plugins directory to the low is which plugin caused the program error to find out can also tell us thank you.

The temporary workaround for the script's small sum is as follows:

The first method, the method of changing the directory name of the plugin

Peid all plug-ins are placed in the root directory under the Plugins folder, we just need to change the plugins directory name, for example, to jb51 can be normal operation. However, many plug-ins are not available.

To replace. After the Peid finally find out why the 64-bit below why can not run the reason.

The second method, the use of WinXP, 2003 system first method: The first step, download system CD-ROM image (System recommended download: WinXP system, Win7 System).

The second step, the dual download good image, you can automatically install the system.

After the download is completed double-click the disc image, double-click will eject the automatic installation of the interface, Ann as prompted to click the installation can be. This kind of mirror is usually done by others, all of which are done automatically by Chengdu.

The third step is to select the location of the installation.

If you are on the official website of the system can choose to install in the other letter, this is a dual system, but the premise is well partitioned. Half of the system on the net is directly installed, directly back to cover the original system, then we need C disk important files backup. Depending on the various mirrors, the installation method is different, but there is a key installation, click will be automatically completed.

The fourth step, waiting for the computer to automatically restart many times, your system will be installed successfully.

The second method: the use of U-disk installation system.

The first step is to make a startup disk.

Download a U disk startup tool, your U disk will be made into a startup disk, the method is very simple, download the old hair pick U disk start Production Master can be very simple to make your U disk into a startup disk. Enter the software, find your U disk, click on the following one button production can be.

The second step is to enter the system's BIOS interface.

Turn on the computer when the manufacturer icon Press F12 or according to the computer prompts the corresponding keys. In the BIOS interface to choose a U disk boot can also run directly above the software to install the system.

The third way: To install the system with a removable hard disk

As long as there is a removable hard drive, the same can be installed system, the principle and U-disk system similar to the specific operation method can go to Baidu search related tutorials.

Fourth method: Install the system with Virtual optical drive

First we need to download a virtual CD-ROM software, such as "simple virtual optical drive." EXE "can be, after downloading well, proceed to the following steps.

The first step: Open the Run "simple virtual optical drive." EXE ", after the interface, the ISO file with the mouse, drag to the software interface, determine. When you open "My Computer," you will find one more CD-ROM drive. The virtual optical drive is already in effect.

Step Two: Zuojian double click to run "find the Gho file on the virtual CD-ROM and install the. exe", and then it's fully automated. The program will copy the Gho file on the virtual CD drive to D, and then click Reboot to reboot automatically and start installing the system. Gho file has more than 600-700 m large, copy process please wait patiently!

Step three: To install the hardware of the driver, there will be found hardware, point next, then, the next step. The hardware is all installed and restarted. Point start, point automatically fill in the local IP, then: Open, the properties of the Network Neighborhood, and then open the local connection properties, the local connection properties, the normal bottom two ditch removed, OK. Finally, back to the desktop, open the broadband connection, enter your account and password OK can be normal Internet. (This account number and password is you handle broadband when the account number and password, ratio: telecommunications or netcom)

Because we download in the network peid are the great God on the network integrated a variety of plug-ins, may be in the middle of a plug-in can not be loaded in 64-bit download, resulting in the entire Peid crash.

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