Win7 the hard drive has been detected after boot, please back up your files now

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Encounter this kind of situation friend need to notice, although do not know the current hard disk is to encounter what problem, but in the case that the computer still can use, we first want to do is the data of the hard disk is backed up, prevent data to lose. The system check is then enabled to find the cause.

After the data backup is complete, we can deal with the following two ways:

1. System problem: Turn on the computer--the right key to the disk--Properties--tools--check the wrong---start checking. If the computer found the hard disk problem will enable the system to automatically repair. If repair is not possible, try the following methods.

2, hard disk problem: The whole format, and find professionals to detect whether the hard drive has bad, if there is a bad way you need to change a hard disk.

No matter how to use the method, the first operation is the backup data, after all, the data is priceless, hard drive prices now tend to cheap, three hundred or four hundred can buy a 1TB hard drive, can never be penny wise. I hope that the above methods of operation and suggestions can be helpful to everyone.

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