Win7 the solution for a generic volume cannot be stopped

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When you use a U disk to complete the copy when you want to exit the U disk will be prompted to "can not stop the general volume" hint? The reason for this is: we in the U disk file or data out of the time, are used in the "copy" "Paste" way, and if the copy is the file on a U disk, The file is placed in the system's clipboard and is in a pending state. And if this is the case we want to delete the U disk, there will be the above can not stop the U disk prompts.

The first method:

Empty your clipboard, or on your hard drive to copy a file and then paste the operation, then you go to delete the U disk prompt, see if it was successfully deleted?

The second method:

Press the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key combination at the same time, the Task Manager window appears, click the Processes tab, look for the "rundll32.exe" process in "image name", select the "rundll32.exe" process, and then click "End Process" , a Task Manager alert is ejected, asking you to decide whether to close the process and clicking "Yes", which closes the "rundll32.exe" process. Then remove the U disk will be able to remove the normal.

When using this method, be aware that if you have more than one "rundll32.exe" process, you need to shut down more than one "rundll32.exe" process.

The third method:

This method also has the help of Task Manager, press the keyboard "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key combination, appear the "Task Manager" window, click "Process", Look for "EXPLORER". EXE process and end it. At this time you will find your desktop is missing, please do not panic, continue to do the following, in the Task Manager click "File"-"New task"-Input explorer.exe--OK. Remove the USB drive again and you will find it safe to delete.

The fourth method:

Encounter u disk can not stop the ' universal volume ', at this point in the computer desktop click on a folder to select "Copy" (Do not need to paste) and then to delete the U disk, you will find everything OK!

The Fifth method:

This is the simplest, but most time-consuming, way to restart your computer.

If you feel that there is a problem to solve some of the problems, you can use the following early preventive measures:

Turn off the system preview feature.

How to: Double-click My Computer--tools--Folder Options--general--tasks--Use the Windows Traditional style folder and click OK. So once and for all.

Small editing tips: At present, some U disk technology is in place, and some U disk directly Plug and pull can also. But no matter how good the U disk, there is a kind of time is absolutely not directly, that is to look at your u disk of that small red light, small lights in the flashing time to say is constantly reading and writing data, this is not to pull, otherwise light damage data, heavy u disk scrap.

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