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Like landscaping, love beautification, and even have a beautification of the net users of their own Windows7 system beautification is deep into the bone marrow. Strange to say, someone simply does not have this desktop icon of the dotted box in the eye, and some people are intolerable to the point, so today I would like to introduce the elimination of dashed box display tips.

1. Right-click "Computer" on the Start menu or on the desktop, open the property, or open system in Control Panel, open advanced system settings on the left, open performance settings in advanced, and check the "Use Shadow on Desktop for icon label", OK, exit.

2, and this statement, has proved to be ineffective.

Say that the "Userpreferencesmask" key value in the registry "Hkey_current_usercontrol Paneldesktop" can be deleted.

This is not true, this key value controls the desktop menu display effects, regardless of this feature. About this key-value control function,

As soon as you set the 1th item and restart the Explorer.exe process, the dotted box on the desktop disappears.

To restart an operation of the explorer process: In Task Manager, end the Explorer.exe process and create the new task again.

Computer knowledge

But be aware:

1, this method is not permanently removed, because the dotted box is for the keyboard key to select the desktop icon positioning focus used, the dotted box icon is the current focus of the location, press the direction key can continue to transfer focus. This feature is part of the system's built-in properties and cannot be eradicated.

2, in the temporary removal of the premise, when the focus on the desktop, press CTRL, SHIFT, direction key or number keys, or even automatically replace the next wallpaper, dotted box will reappear, if you really can not tolerate, then restart the Explorer.exe process.

A Restart Explorer batch file is provided here to a friend of the beautification:

taskkill/f/im Explorer.exe

Start Explorer.exe


Write the above three lines of code to the new TXT text file and rename it to "Restart Explorer.bat", with the extension bat rather than txt.

Double-click to execute this file to restart the resource manager.

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