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Windows switcher (switching between windows) provides a quick and gorgeous preview switch for users who open multiple documents at the same time, which was first seen in Vista, but Windows7 disappears with the Quick Launch bar by default, and the feature is completely removed from the taskbar. To achieve it, only through the keyboard key combination operation, there is no way to retrieve this function, back to the taskbar it?

To implement the method steps:

1. Create a shortcut, right-click the desktop, and choose New-shortcut.

2. In the "Please type the location of the object" text box, enter the C:windowssystem32rundll32.exe dwmapi #105, click Next.

Computer knowledge

3. Enter a name for the shortcut in the Name text box for the shortcut, such as "Switch between Windows", and click Finish.

Shortcut icon is a white blank document, bald, not good-looking, how to do? Keep looking.

4. Right-click the new shortcut, and then click Properties.

5. In the Shortcut tab, click "Change Icon".

6. In the "Find icon in this file" text box, enter%systemroot%system32imageres.dll, press ENTER to determine.

7. Select the Flip-3d icon (looks like the first one is Oh ~), click OK.

8. You can now try double-clicking the shortcut to see if it works.

If you can, drag the shortcut to the taskbar or the Quick Launch bar to lock it.

If your system has not been modified, you can also find the shortcut in the following location, and then drag it directly to the Windows7 taskbar.

%appdata%microsoftinternet Explorerquick Launch

Alternatively, you can switch between different windows by using the keyboard's key combination:

alt+tab-Switch between open projects

ctrl+alt+tab-Use the arrow keys to switch between open projects

Win +tab-Browse the program in the taskbar under the Aero Flip effect

ctrl+win+tab-Use the arrow keys to navigate through the program in the taskbar under the Aero Flip effect

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