Win7, win2008, Win8 IIS7, 7.5 support asp+access Solution

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1. Let IIS7 support ASP
    IIS7 in Win7 or Windows server 2008 is not installed by default, so if you need to install IIS7 after installing Win7 or Windows server 2008, you must do it yourself. The steps to install are: Start Control Panel > Programs to open or close Windows Features Internet Information Services. IIS7 installation should pay attention to is that if you need ASP, ASP.NET and other support, you need to install the function module, the default is not installed.
    2. Solve the problem of Access database in IIS7.
    After installing IIS7 by default, using the ASP program will find that the database connection failed. I found it on the Internet, saying that the MS Jet engine changed the location of the temporary directory, but there is no temporary access permission, which causes the database to fail.
    Add an "Authenticated Users" user to the "System Disk:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Local\Temp" directory. The AppData directory is hidden. You can enter the path directly in the address bar when you enter, or in the file. Hidden files are displayed in the folder options.
    To set the permissions: Right click on the Temp folder, select "Properties" and select "Security" tab" Click "Edit" to come out "Temp permissions" dialog box, click "Add", in the "Enter object name below" To select "Enter Authenticated Users, OK" to return to "Temp permissions", the full control in the Authenticated Users permissions to the hook, OK "OK.
    Link method:
    Connstr="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & ServerPath
    Set schooldb=Server.CreateObject("Adodb.Connection")
    schooldb.Open connstr
3. Win7 or windows 2008 64-bit system solves the problem of Access database in IIS7.
    If you use a 64-bit system, it may not be solved as above. The reason is that the 64-bit system does not provide a 64-bit ACCESS connection driver, and the "Enable 32-bit application" of the project in the application pool corresponding to the website is set to "ture". ". that's it.
    Other tips in IIS7:
    a. Enable the parent path.
      The commonly used ../ parent path is not supported by default in IIS7.
      On the home page of iis --> ASP -> double click to open -> enable parent path: True
    b. Return an error message to the browser.
      The default webpage code error browser will appear "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator".
     On the home page of iis --> ASP -> double click to open -> debug error -> send the error to the browser: True?

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