win764 bit Pure version of the program does not have the Compatibility tab solution

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In the Win764-bit purity system, Microsoft introduced a feature that allows programs to be run in compatibility mode, supports all versions of compatible Windows, and runs programs in a compliant version, which makes it much easier for users to use older programs, However, some recent user feedback on the program Properties page can not find the "Run in compatibility Mode" option, even the "Compatibility" tab is missing, what is the reason? How do we get back to compatibility?

According to experience, this is due to the policy group settings of the Win7 system, the policy group has limited compatibility mode, then we will be the same by modifying the policy group to retrieve the "Compatibility" tab; Win764 bit Pure version

Specific steps to operate:

1, click the Start menu-run-enter "Gpedit.msc"-return, open the Policy Group editor;

2, in the Policy Group editor, expand in sequence: "Computer Configuration" → "Administrative Templates" → "Windows Build" → "Application Compatibility";

3, then we can see the "Remove Program Compatibility property page" In the right window, double-click the item, we can see that the entry is a startup setting state, we set to "disabled" or "Not Configured" can.

4, after the completion of the setup, we look at the program's Properties page, "Compatibility" tag is not back?

From the above we can know that in the win764 bit system, the policy group has very powerful functions, the win7 System Compatibility property page is the limit that should be in the policy group, if the Friends encounter system restrictions or what functions can not be used when you may go to the Strategy Group to look for.

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