Win8 Adjust the volume shortcut keys where?

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Win8 Adjust the volume shortcut keys where?

The specific methods are as follows:

1, Volume shortcut keys to the General notebook, different brands of computers, the same brand of different models of computers, keys are slightly different. Older or ordinary notebooks usually press the FN key, plus the auxiliary key with horn identification;

2, some notebooks have a special volume adjustment keys, such as ThinkPad;

3, some notebooks can adjust the volume by small arrows;

4, different notebooks slightly different, to find their own according to the actual situation;

5, usually use the volume to adjust the shortcut keys, need to install the corresponding driver, the general computer factory installed this drive, if it is not available, you need to download the installation from the computer manufacturer's official website;

6, desktop generally only through the lower right corner of the small horn settings, in addition, you can through Third-party software to increase the volume of shortcut keys, such as Volume shortcut assistant.

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