Win8 appears domain name resolution error 105 How to solve

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The steps are as follows:

First, verify that DNS is really faulted

1, open the CMD Command Line window, enter nslookup carriage return confirmation.

2, the above image will show the window will display the current system used by the DNS server address.

3, enter a familiar site of your domain name, such as, if the DNS request timed Out,timeout was 2 seconds, then DNS failed.

Ii. How to troubleshoot DNS problems

1, find "Start"-"Run"-"input cmd", open the Command Line window.

2, Input ipconfig/all command to query network parameters.

3, in the above figure display information we can look at the DNS server address.

4, the same way to view the same LAN other Internet users of the DNS server. Change your own to someone else's.

5, if only to change the DNS server is not normal access to the Internet, you need to manually configure the IP address, the last paragraph of the IP address can be changed to different from others.

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