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We know that the Windows Store App Store is a very important part of the WIN8 system, or even the core of the new integrated Metro model, and that the inability to connect to the App Store means that the application cannot be downloaded and installed, and the new model doesn't make sense. So this is a tricky question, but it's not a solution, so let's take a look at it together.

Windows Store Application Store

First we need to figure out which is the cause of this situation, because there are a number of situations in which the store cannot connect, so there are several solutions. The first check is the network connection, this situation is the easiest to solve, check good in addition to the application store, other networking programs are able to run, if completely disconnected, then the network to connect for a long time.

Try a few more times, it's probably connected.

But we often find that only the App store doesn't, and the problem is basically in the store itself. We need to know that Microsoft's servers are now basically in the United States, so there are some delays in transmission, so we have to try several times in this case, in general, 3 times around the normal can be connected.

If this is not enough we need some more cumbersome operation, the following methods we can try:

1. Right-click the network icon on the taskbar to select "Open Network and Sharing Center" click "Ethernet", click "Properties" in a new window, and then remove the hook from the "Internet version 4" and "Internet Version Protocol 6", and make sure that you can normally connect to the App store after saving.

Tick off Tcp/ipv6.

2, use the "Win key +x" key combination to open the menu, select the "Command Prompt (Administrator)", and then enter "netsh" + return, and then enter "WinHTTP" + carriage return, this time to restart the computer to see if the application store can be successfully connected. This approach is typically a problem for browsers being changed.

Enter the command character to resolve

3, the same method to open the properties of "Ethernet", double-click Internet Version Protocol 4 and Internet version Protocol 6, and then manually change the DNS address to and save, in most cases, you can seamlessly connect to the App Store. This situation is generally the result of the local DNS address, which is the most users use a solution.

To modify a DNS address

Basically, the Windows store App Store connectivity problem is solved by the methods described above, and Win8 users who encounter this annoying situation may wish to try. There is also a reminder that some system optimization software is too much optimization may cause this situation, because Win8 just came out, optimization software did not thoroughly understand the characteristics of Win8, so we recommend that you do not use the optimization software.

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