WIN8 Application Switching Operation method

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General Program Switching mode


Whether at the start screen, or the traditional desktop, just move the mouse to the top left corner of the screen, you can display the currently open Program thumbnail window, mouse click to reach, and you can click on the small thumbnail right mouse button to "close" this program.

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▲ Top left corner

▲ Lower left corner

Touch screen

Unlike traditional computers, the mouse is generally no longer connected to a tablet, and Windows 8 operates on a touchscreen, which is of course more advantageous, with all the features that are not bad for the mouse and the experience is better.

With a finger on the left side of the screen, gently slide to the right, you can appear open the program window, loosen your finger.

▲ Touch screen operation

Let's take a look at how the shortcut switch program works.

As with the Windows 7 System program switch shortcut keys, through the ALT + Tab key to switch the program, only with the Windows 7 3D effect is not the same.

First hold down the ALT key, and then press the TAB key, on the desktop pop-up a horizontal toggle thumbnail bar, and then each press the TAB key to switch a program, switch to the thumbnail, the background changes to the current window, Panasonic can. Of course, you can click on the desired application with the mouse when you press the ALT + TAB key combination.

▲alt + Tab Switch Program

Conclusion: As a new operating system, Windows 8 not only changed some operations, in the function and convenient operation of the optimization is also a lot, so we use WIN8 system, more experience, try, perhaps some small discovery will bring you very convenient operation experience, thus greatly improve the work efficiency!

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