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The Metro application of WIN8 system can not modify the installation path at will, by default it is installed to our system disk. Before you use the operating system to the size of the C disk allocation is the XP era of 10G, Win7 era of the 20--30g,win8? How much do you score g? I see too 100G. Is there no other way we can get the apps in the Win8 store to be installed somewhere else? Let's do it today. One lets the WIN8 application move to the disk we specify.

To do this, reinstall the WIN8 again, so that the system is completely pure. The default application of the WIN8 system after installation is 21 folders. View in Cprogram Fileswindowsapps. This is the folder that needs to be moved, and Windows defaults to install the application store application download to this folder.

To modify the installation location, first of all, we need to copy the Windowsapps under the C disk to the D disk under PE. PE under Enter c| Program files| Windowsapps folder. Package it as a WIM Mirror:

Wait a few minutes and you'll be ready to pack.

Open the Wimtools software, select the source address on the left and the modified address on the right. Click on the mount, instant fix!

This will transfer the application to D disk, the number is still 21.

Exit PE, enter the WIN8 system, click the Win+r key, input regedit call up the registry. Enter the following directory. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--SOFTWARE--MICROSOFT--WINDOWS--CURRENTVERSION--APPX, right-click Appx Select permissions. Modify permissions so that you can modify the registry entry values later.

After the Pop-up appx Permission Table window, click "TrustedInstaller", select the lower right corner "advanced"

In the Advanced window that pops up, click "Change" at the top.

Pop-up Select User or group window, select "Advanced" in the lower left corner.

Click on the right "find Now", in the next book users to find their landing name, select OK on the line!

Then you can see the appx permission is completely allowed!

Click OK to close the window, back to the registry, find the right side of the Packageroot item, right click Modify, change to our D disk Windowsapp path on the line!

At this point, the whole change is over. The original C disk folder can also be deleted. Enter the Win8 store to download several applications and try to see if it has been successfully modified. If the appearance of the image below the interface, it shows success.

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