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Many users because the computer board time too long, the failure of the motherboard battery, resulting in inaccurate computer time, for this type of user is usually the next time by manually modified or date, but in the WIN8 system, in fact, we can use the network to achieve the problem of automatic correction, of course, even if your motherboard battery power, can also be synchronized for your computer, then how to set the WIN8 system automatic synchronization time? The following small series to provide you with the detailed operation Method!

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Method One:

1, open the Windows 8 desktop, directly left-click the taskbar right below the time, and then select the change date settings, the following figure:

2, come to the date and Time window, and then select the Internet time, change settings.

3, then click on the immediate update, and then determine, so that the system can automatically sync the system time, the following figure:

Method Two:

1, came to win 8 system desktop, and then click Windows+x Key combination, the left mouse button click Control Panel, the following figure:

2, the Control Panel directly select the clock, language and regional options, the following figure:

3, to the clock, language and area, click the time and date, then select the Internet time, directly select the change settings and tick. Finally click on the immediate update and OK, so the system can automatically sync the system time, the following figure:

The above two methods are essentially the same, but the setting method is different, the user can according to their own operating habits to set it, after setting, the computer local time can be synchronized with Internet time server, so that you get more accurate time!

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