Win8 Boot recovery under CentOS

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These days have been installed in various installed

A few days ago, Win7 the win8.

It's supposed to be easier to restore Linux boot under win.

With EASYBCD added Linux boot but there is no way to get into the pre-installed Ubuntu desk

Why is it possible to format the C drive without scrutiny?

I'm going to have this problem in the future.

Today, CentOS abandoned Ubuntu is to cooperate with the bird brother of the book after all is a novice to book or try to

No installation of graphical interface in fact, there are also problems encountered here first not table

Topic (Non-original):

Shutdown two times to make sure my Win8 guide is gone.

And then I was in a very complicated mood, with a few grass and mud horses running endlessly.

The only thing you can do is keep Baidu.

And then see a way to modify the Grub.cfg file

This file does not have the right to modify under the ordinary user to use the root permission after sudo su


Then you can see that there are many groups at the end of the file # # #BEGIN ... # # # # # #END ... # # #成对出现

And it's the boot command.

Then we go into insert mode

At the bottom of the file, add:

# # # Begin/etc/grub.d/30_os-prober # #

Menuentry ' Windows 8 (loader) (on/dev/sda1) '--class windows--class os $menuentry _id_option ' Osprober-chain-140e68540e6830c2 ' {

Insmod Part_msdos

Insmod NTFS

Set root= ' HD0,MSDOS1 '

Chainloader +1


# # # End/etc/grub.d/30_os-prober # #

The original author also attached note: set root after the need to fill in the actual situation

wq! After restart the computer cute Win8 startup item back!!!

Here is a record of the problem when loading CentOS7

First after the win under the partition if you like to install Ubuntu as a new simple volume, the installation is not recognized even if the file system

Re-enter the free space and then install again to choose the space that is empty.

However, when you select \ mount point when manually partitioning, you cannot adjust the ideal capacity no matter how the tune is 7MB but share can freely adjust

Now for the time being the automatic partition after the re-install again to solve the above problems

Win8 Boot recovery under CentOS

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